Richwell Engineering is established in 2012 to provide professional engineering, consulting, project management and procurement services in energy, mining, industrial, commercial sectors of Mongolia. We are among the most respected engineering, construction, and project management companies in our country. We leverage our expertise and experience in the areas of consulting, engineering, detailed engineering design, project management and implementation to market a variety of solutions and services.




Heating Plant, Hetaing source р 0.2-300Gcal/h
Heating Plant 0.2-50MWt
Heating magistral pipeline ф1200-30mm
Heating branch pipeline ф250-50mm
Water distribution center 0,1-12Gcal/h
Heat BoostingPump station
Heating Joint of building
Groundwater source extraction facilities
Water pipelines and their facilities
Sewerage water pipelines and their facilities
Cooling tower (Вентиляторные градирни)
Cooling tower (Вентиляторные градирни)
Small facilities for water and wastewater treatment
Water head tower, Second boosting pump station
Housing and apartment
Public and civil construction
Industrial building
Detailed design development of 0.1-100 MWt power source
Detailed design development of 0.4-110 kV and above electricity transmission line, sub-station
Detailed Design of indoor and outdoor power supply for residential, public, civil and industrial buildings
Detailed design of auto road lighting, outside area
Feasibilty Study of heating and power source
Environmental assessment
A Calculation of heating and electricity for all types of buildings
Complex budget of apartment
Complex budget of public and civil building
Complex budget of industrial building
Budget for all types of outdoor engineering networks
Complex budget of heating and electrical source
Feasibility study, research and calculation of heating and electricity supply network
Construction site engineer, Geology / Subcontractor/
Construction site topographic mapping / subcontractor/


Supplying relay protection equipment for and sub-station microprocessors of Electricity transmission network and Consulting services

Supplying of feeding system accumulator and charging device for control circuit of Electricity transmission and distribution network

0, 4-220 kV high voltage equipment supplying and consulting services0, 4-220 kV high voltage equipment supplying and consu

Supplying of one or three phase smart meter of electrical energy Supplying of one or three phase smart meter of electrical energySupplying of o


To assembly of primary equipment for substation with voltage up-to 0,4-110kV, testing and adjustment work

HMI Monitoring and information system of Sub-station, SCADA system connection work

Sub-station second circuit, relay protection equipment installation, adjustment connection work

Construction work of power transmission line of 0,4-110 kV

Construction work of power transmission line of 0,4-35кВ

6 and 10kV distribution cabinet and sub-station installation

Installation work of Indoor and outdoor electrical supply of citizen and industrial building


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